… how we came to be

Carriage HouseLocated in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountain range, there is plenty for anyone that loves being outdoors. With lakes, national forests, state parks, RV parks and guest ranches in the surrounding area; how could we have found a better location?

When we purchased the property for the farm, it was 80-acres of woods, snakes, chiggers, and ticks. The only improvements to the property were the original two-room farmhouse (circa 1900) and an exterior fence, both of which were falling down.

We started out by building the “Carriage House”. Construction of the living area started “off-site” June 2002 while the garage area was being built “on-site”. Once the two pieces were completed, the living area was transported by truck (in one piece) to the property and carefully set over the garage. We were able to move into the living area in January 2003.

We moved our horses (all geldings) onto the property in January 2003 after putting up some temporary fencing. The horses “roughed it” until the outer shell of the barn was built and we installed the first three stalls in June 2004.

Between June 2004 and May 2005, we were busy building fences and finishing the barn.

In August 2005, after finishing the barn, we purchased our first broodmare. In February 2006 the farm’s first foal was born.